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LEDsGame was born with the goal of providing a modern, simple and inexpensive scoring system for tennis and padel courts.

LEDsGame - Electronic sports scoreboards

The courts of the future have arrived

Available to all audiences with LEDsGame scorboards


We have designed our scoreboards utilizing the latest technology, resulting in a product with a superior appearance and cutting-edge features.


We’ve paid special attention to design a product that is easy to install, effortless to maintain, and simple to use.


So that the players of any club, sports center or residential court of any size can enjoy it.


Both for the players and for the audience that attend the matches. From now on, no one will lose track of the game.

Countless benefits

For owners, organizers, players and spectators

Facility owners

· Our scoreboards provide facilities with a distinguishing feature that will attract athletes and make them stand out above the rest.

· The versatility of our scoreboards makes them suitable throughout the sports center, making it possible to have a uniform system in a wide range of settings: tennis courts, padel courts, indoor, outdoor...

· The availability of fixed button boxes and personal wristband remotes allows for two different and complementary strategies. On the one hand, button boxes are integrated into the permanent infrastructure of the court without the necessity of having a dedicated person for their management and control. On the other hand, wristband remotes provide greater flexibility for players and the possibility of controlling the score from off the court.

· The equipment low energy consumption and its ability to automatically enter energy-saving mode after periods of inactivity, as well as the nearly zero maintenance required, avoid the need to have personnel to supervise the facilities, thus reducing associated expenses to a minimum.

Tournament and ranking organizers

· Thanks to the system of having both button boxes strategically located on the courts and the option of using personal wristband remotes, the control of the score is usually carried out in a comfortable and fluid way by the players themselves. However, the same system allows that the score can be controlled by a person outside the game and off-court in the matches in which it is required.

· Our scoreboards allow for a total customization of game rules. With an initial configuration prior to the start of the match, the following parameters can be modified:

  • number of games per set (from 2 to 9)
  • alternate number of games per set (from 2 to 9)
  • number of points in a tie‑break (from 2 to 99)
  • number of points in a super tie‑break (from 2 to 99)
  • tie‑break advanced mode (Enabled / Disabled)
  • sudden death mode (Enabled / Disabled)
  • sudden death in tie‑breaks and super tie‑breaks mode (Enabled / Disabled)
  • New! one set matches mode (Enabled with games limit (from 2 to 9) / Enabled with time limit (from 5' to 9h:55') / Enabled with games limit and time limit / Disabled)

· In addition, during the match, the number of games per set can be selected individually for each of the match sets using two available modes: normal (factory set to 6 games per set) and alternate (factory set to 4 games per set). Moreover, a tie‑break game can be forced at the beginning of each of the match sets. It can be a normal tie‑break (factory set to 7 points) or a super tie‑break (factory set to 10 points).

· All of these configuration and operating customizations open a wide range of possibilities when designing tournaments, allowing for an adjustment of the rules depending on the available time.


· Using our scoreboards, players can avoid the typical controversies and oversights about the score and status of the game. Players can fully concentrate on the fight to win the point without fear of forgetting the state of the match.

· Players can rely on our scoreboards to ensure that the matches follow proper rules and regulations, avoiding mistakes and doubts, especially during tie‑breaks, and making the game easier for beginner players.

· A comfortable and simple system to keep track of the score using button boxes installed on the court and/or personal wristband remotes: two buttons to add points for each player and a third button to undo the last point added in case it was a mistake.

· Having both fixed button boxes and personal wristband remotes allows players to be self-sufficient, keeping continuous control of the match score for themselves in a way that is comfortable and fluid without third-party scorekeepers or the limitation of updating the score only while changing ends.


· Spectators will be able to always see the current score of the match without interrupting players to ask for it.