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Modern and functional design

An unforgettable point

With our scoreboards we do not promise that you will score the best point of your life, but we do assure you that it will be unforgettable!

LEDsGame - Electronic sports scoreboards

MTP-e S3A scoreboard

And its associated button boxes (B-B3A) and wristband remotes (P-B3A)

Scoreboard switched on

Our scoreboard showing the status of a match in progress during the third set. Player A won the first set 6-3 while Player B won the second 6-2. Now, in the third set, player B is winning 2-1, although player A serves in the current game and is winning 40-30.

Scoreboard switched off

Our scoreboard in power-saving state (standby). This is the state the scoreboard automatically enters into when no score change is made for more than 10 minutes. To reactivate it, just press any button on one of the controls.

Button box basic functions

Our button boxes are equipped with three buttons to make changes to the state of the scoreboard: the Jug A button adds a point to player or pair A, while the Jug B button adds a point to player or pair B. Finally, the Deshacer button undoes the last point increment made.

Wristband remote basic functions

Similarly, our wristband remotes come with three buttons with the same functionality as in button boxes: JA adds a point to player or pair A, JB adds a point to player or pair B and Dh undoes the last point increment made.

Button box detail

In perspective view, the front cover of the button box is viewable. Behind it, inside the box, is the housing for the batteries, which, thanks to the ultra-low consumption of the electronic components used, will not have to be changed for a long time.

Using the wristband remote

Our personal wristband remote is easily placed on the wrist and allows for the modification of the state of the scoreboard immediately after a point is made. Its light weight makes it unobtrusive during the game.

AV-JDS Umpire loudspeaker

A new sense in game

Umpire loudspeaker

The ideal companion for our scoreboard that will clearly broadcast all the details of the match thanks to its 40W of power.

Membrane protection

Detail of the grille that protects the speaker membrane from both rain and sunlight. Together with the sealed box where the speaker is embedded, it makes the loudspeaker suitable for outdoor spaces.

On the ground

Our scoreboards on courts